Do you suffer from asthma ?

If you say YES, Then you should view this video :

3 Tips to Reduce  your Asthma Symptoms

Tip #1 :

Avoid as much as possible all scented products and pay attention to your laundry detergentfabric softenershand soap and above all air fresheners (they are the worst)

If they are perfumed heavily, you can imagine that this is not a natural sent  you are smelling, they are full of chemicals.

That smells like lavender but there is no lavender in it, just a chemical that smells like it …Those chemicals are irritating you lungs and are making you cough.

If you want to have a healthy air freshener, build your own by purchasing some essential oil of your choice, mix it with water and put in a jar that will put the sent in the air…

You can buy special containers that already have some holes in the cover or just do them yourself… you home will smell great but without all those chemicals.

Tip #2 :

Maintain at all times 35% to 40% humidity in your home, that is what an allergist or pulmonologist would tell you because it humidifies your airways , I know I have worked with them for 3 years…

What they don’t tell you is why it has that effect on asthma symtoms because frankly, they don’t know…

The water molecule in the air (when between 35-40%) innactivates most of the chemicals in the air, it binds with the chemical and brings it to the ground allowing you to breathe a cleaner air.

Buy a humidifier if you need to, it will keep you in better shape (with your asthma).

Tip #3 :

Purchase and use an Air Purifier for you home (HEPA filters are the best).

First if you have a heat pump or central air conditionner with a central ducking system, buy the best filters possible that fits your unit and change them regularly. The sicker you are or if it allergy season, change them more often…

HEPA filters are the best and they are at least 100 times better than regular filters. They will take out a lot of chemicals, particules in the air, dust, and pet smells.

HEPA filters will take out VOC (volatile organic compounds) in the air, they are more dangerous particules because of their smaller size, they are very irritating to your lungs  and your body can’t stop them so they go directly in your blood…

In conclusion the 3 tips are :

#1 : Avoid sented products as much as possible and build you own air fresheners.

#2 : Maintain at all times between 35% to 40% humidity in your home.

#3 : Use an Air Purifier (HEPA is the best) in your most frequented room or bedroom, you will breathe a cleaner air.

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